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Keeping up with your internet presence is a full-time job in itself. Starfish Ad Age can help boost user engagement and build connections that will fill your sales funnel.

Businesses of all sizes may benefit from social media sites such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, which provide unrivaled marketing opportunities. Many organizations, on the other hand, have a difficult time turning their marketing efforts into actual, measurable results for two key reasons:

They Are Lacking in the Knowledge, Understanding, and Abilities Necessary for Efficient Social Media Administration

Because they work full-time, they just do not have the time to continuously generate high-quality material and interact with their fans. So, is there a more efficient and less time-consuming approach to connect with the online community, enhance brand exposure, and generate more cash through social media than this? Yes, there is such a thing.

As a leading marketing advertising agency, Starfish Ad Age is committed to providing you with cost-effective, yet value-adding, social media management packages that will relieve you of the burden of social media administration, allowing you to devote more time to doing what you do best.

Social media platforms provide you with a wonderful opportunity to strengthen your relationships with the community while also converting more of your viewers into paying clients. However, when it comes to social media management, it is advantageous to be strategic.

What Is Social Media Advertising?

Increase sales by an order of magnitude by generating high-converting leads. In today’s digital world, traditional marketing approaches are no longer sufficient to cultivate a client base that is both loyal and highly engaged. If you want to reach more customers at a lower cost and achieve a greater return on investment, you must meet them where they are already engaged in their activities and customize your brand message to particular target segments (ROI). More than any other marketing technique, social media advertising helps to increase the awareness of your brand while also providing profitable prospects to recruit and nurture leads, ultimately converting them into paying customers and generating revenue.

How Does Social Media Advertising Work?

Conversion rate optimization using social media advertising, often known as sponsored social media, is one of the most popular and successful digital marketing tactics available today. Advertising on social media is showing paid social advertisements or sponsored content on different social media platforms, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and TikTok, and targeting certain consumer demographics with these advertisements or sponsored content. What is the competitive advantage of social media advertising over other digital marketing methods? Is it a wise financial decision? The use of social networks advertising enables you to target particular audiences based on a variety of characteristics such as geographic area, age, online activity, interests, and device usage. When you advertise on social media, unlike other online marketing projects, you only pay for the amount of clicks or impressions your social ads receive, rather than the total number of hits or impressions. As a result, social advertising is a marketing technique with a high return on investment. Social media marketing helps you increase the effectiveness of your digital marketing efforts and connect with clients who are ready to buy.

So, How Does Advertising on Social Media Differ From Other Forms of Social Media Marketing?

Organic posting on Social media is an unpaid marketing campaign that takes place on social media platforms. This implies that you won’t have to spend any money to market your brand to your fans or subscribers. Organic posting involves optimization efforts aimed at establishing brand awareness, forging meaningful connections, and increasing participation on social media platforms. Paid social advertising, on the other hand, is concerned with fine-tuning social media advertisements in order to increase reach and return on investment. Social media advertising puts your business in front of individuals who are actively seeking for what you have to offer at the time of your advertisement.

Paid social advertising, on the other hand, is not a mutually exclusive strategy. In order to get the greatest potential result, you may – and should – start marketing campaigns while concurrently promoting on social media platforms.

Do You Want to Reach Your Target Audience With Relative Ease?

To advertise your brand in the most cost-effective manner, take advantage of social media advertising and connect your strategy with the behavior patterns of your ideal clients. Paid Social Media Advertising Can Help You Get More Results. More individuals are utilizing social media to engage with businesses, which means that the amount of competition rises as well.

Starfish Ad Age’s social media advertising strategies can help develop your social media presence that captures the attention of your target leads throughout your marketing funnel as you progress through the funnel. We are a social media advertising agency that focuses on conversion-focused media advertising. Starfish Ad Age uses a data targeting strategy, allowing us to optimize the effect of your social media campaigns.


Why Does Your Business Need To Use Social Media Advertising?

Increase your visibility while conserving your time, effort, and money. The social media ecosystem is continuously shifting and developing new features. Every year, new social media advertising platforms gain importance, and consumers’ purchasing behavior and expectations undergo significant shifts as a result. Depending just on organic social media efforts will not be sufficient.

Paid social media advertising is one of the most effective methods to monetize the most effective social media platforms for a range of company categories while simultaneously increasing your customer acquisition, conversion, and retention rates, among other things. Marketing Experiments discovered that adopting the proper targeting method may increase conversion rates by up to 300 percent. Paid social media advertising can assist you in achieving this goal.

You can target particular audiences and reach new market segments with paid social advertising, and you can do so quickly.

Increase the number of organic posts? Are you working with a limited budget? Begin advertising on social media to increase the reach of your organic postings on the internet. There are many different sorts of social media advertising channels available, each of which offers a customizable approach to transform your best-performing content into social media ads and attract individuals who are really interested in what you’re selling.

Increase The Number of Website Conversions

We produced $1,543,319 in revenue for a Pizza Franchise within 8 months of a paid social media advertising campaign on Facebook. A conversion value of over 60k website purchases was achieved at an average cost per click (CPC) of $3.51.

Increase The Number of Clicks and Views On Your Website

Online consumers are more active on various sorts of social media advertising channels because they provide a pleasant and easy way for them to communicate with their favorite companies and organizations.

Attract Qualified Leads to Your Business

It is possible to improve social advertisement on landing pages in order to generate targeted leads and retarget those who did not convert on the first visit, depending on your marketing objectives. Customize your offer and separate campaigns by age group, occupation, or gender with a unified social networking advertisements approach. This helps you to capture qualified leads and funnel them through your sales funnel.

Take Aim at Getting Actionable Insights

Which social media networks’ advertisements generated the most impressions? Was the landing page for your social media advertisements effective? Advertising on social media provides you with access to market data and analytics, such as clicks, visits, and comments, that may be used to evaluate the efficacy of your social media advertising and direct future campaign efforts.

Provide a Clearly Defined Value Proposition

What can your company do to solve a specific problem for a customer? With laser-focused social media advertising for companies, you can highlight the unique selling characteristics (USPs) of your core products or services while also leveraging engaging calls to action to push customers to take concrete steps in the direction of your desired action.

Increase The Number of Direct Sales

Social advertising makes it easier and more profitable to introduce time-sensitive offers, whether it’s for introducing new collections to existing customers or deploying seasonal offers to urge targeted consumers to make a purchase. Paid social media campaigns are a quick and low-cost way to influence consumers’ purchasing decisions and produce more revenue. They are becoming increasingly popular.

Spend Your Money and Time Wisely

You can watch data in real-time and create a realistic social networking advertising budget for your campaign, which is one of the most significant advantages of social media advertising. 

Obtaining The Highest Yield At The Lowest Possible Cost Is The Goal

Managing paid social media advertising campaigns may be a difficult process, especially if you lack the expertise, knowledge, and abilities necessary to support the development of paid social media advertising campaigns, as well as the execution, monitoring, and optimization of those programs.

In need of an established marketing agency to advertise and manage your social media marketing efforts?

Starfish Ad Age is your partner in navigating the complex and ever-changing social media ecosystem that we live in today.

Since 2017 we have been helping small, medium-sized businesses, and franchisees with their social media marketing strategies.