Digital Marketing How-To Videos

It’s no longer a trade secret that everyone needs to be familiar with digital marketing strategies, which is where Mindy’s monthly digital marketing how-to videos come in! Mindy’s Monthly Marketing videos can be a fantastic learning tool for anyone, from complete beginners to seasoned pros. These videos demonstrate some novel approaches to advertising your product or service and provide in-depth explanations of how they work. Investing the time to watch these great videos, touching on multiple facets of digital marketing, is a smart move for any company serious about its online presence. To stay ahead of the curve in the vast landscape of digital marketing, it’s important to arm yourself with the knowledge and strategies found in our entertaining videos.


Create Killer Video Ads | Improve your Video Advertising

Video advertising is one of the most engaging forms of advertising to date. But how do you create video ads that actually work? In this video, we go over some of the basic rules of creating online video content, as well as some general tips and tricks to keep in mind.

The Great AI Debate | Will AI Take Over the World?

A.I. technology is booming right now, and with it, people have many questions. Will AI replace programers and artists? Is AI dangerous? In this video, we’ll discuss how AI works, and wether or not marketers should start implementing this new and interesting technology.

How to Create SMART Business Goals

The time for New Year’s resolutions is upon us! But do you know how to create effective goals that will actually push your business forward? In this episode of Mindy’s Monthly Marketing Tips, we’ll teach you how to create smart business goals, that actually propel your business forward!

9 Marketing Trends You NEED to Know in 2023

2022 is finally coming to an end, and with that is a chance to refresh your marketing strategy for 2023! On this month’s episode of Mindy’s Monthly Marketing Tips, we dive into the NINE marketing trends you need to know going into the new year. From new targeting tactics, to brand image and more, we tell you everything you need to know in 2023!

5 Reasons You Need a CRM!

Running a business is hard work, so what if I told you that there was a way to make life easier for you, your employees, and even your customers! Customer Relationship Management Systems, or CRMs, are an imperative tool every business owner needs.

How to Grow Your Business with Influencer Marketing

You’ve probably heard the term “influencer marketing” before, but you may not know what it means for your business. With social media use on the rise, learn one of the most effective new ways of growing your business!

Advertising on ConnectedTV | What is Connected TV?

Gone are the days of hyper expensive Super Bowl ads. With the rise of streaming, television as we know it is coming to an end. And that may not be a bad thing! In this episode of Mindy’s Monthly Marketing Tips, we go into detail about the rise of CTV (or Connected Television). Who know’s, this change of scenery could be just what your business need to get off the ground!


Instagram is an engaging social media platform with one of the biggest active user bases of any social media. With over 1.39 billion users, it’s a great place for ambitious marketers! Learn all about how instagram works–from how to use to use the tools Instagram provides to grow a dedicated following, to knowing how to implement the perfect advertising strategy to drive sales.

Ad Agency Anxieties | Should you Use an Advertising Agency?

Running a business is hard work, so what if I told you that there was a way to make life easier for you, your employees, and even your customers! Customer Relationship Management Systems, or CRMs, are an imperative tool every business owner needs.

How to Advertise with PRIDE

Its finally Pride Month! Its time to don your rainbow logos and show support for the LGBT+ community. Many marketers use Pride Month as a way to boost sales, and bring in more diverse customers. But is this the right avenue to take for your business? Watch now to find out!


TikTok is the new kid on the social media block, and it’s taking the world by storm. So how can you and your business take advantage of this up-and-coming platform? What kind of unique opportunities does this app present? Watch this month’s Mindy’s Monthly Marketing Tips, and find out how to promote your business on TikTok!


YouTube is a great way to put a face to your business, and really connect with your customers on a personal level. YouTube offers many creative opportunities for marketing your business, so watch this month’s video to find out how to grow your business using this platform!

How to Grow Business on LinkedIn | Social Media Deep Dive

This week, we continue our dive into different social media, and take a look at LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a special case in the social media world, so watch today’s video to learn what special features LinkedIn possesses, and learn how to market your business.

Social Media Deep-Dive | How to Market on Facebook

This week, we begin a new series that focuses on individual social media sites, and how you can best utilize them to market your business. To kick things off, we start with Facebook. We’ll discuss the different functions of the site, how to use the different types of organic content for marketing, as well as paid advertising options.

How Google Ranks Websites | How to Reach the Top Search

Ever wonder how the mysterious platform of Google decides what websites should rank at the top of a search? This week, learn how to rank at #1 as we show you everything Google takes into account when deciding what websites to show it’s users.

2022 Trends PART 2 | The FUTURE of Marketing

This is Part 2, of our two-part series where we break down Marketing Trends to focus on in 2022. This time, we discuss how 2020-2021 has allowed the job market to shift to accommodate (and encourage!) digital jobs and permit more people the chance to work and to work from home.

2022 Trends PART 1 | The FUTURE of Marketing

We’re breaking down the marketing trends you should pay attention to in 2022. This week, we cover the Metaverse, and what that means for our future, as well as the importance of social currency. Our discussion this month is broken down into two parts, so subscribe to make sure you see part 2!

Are Cookies Gone Forever? | The Future of Data Tracking

With third-party cookies leaving in 2022, we discuss what the future of data tracking looks like. Should you be worried? What does this mean for your business? Fret not, we still have plenty of options for advertising and growing your business.