Data Marketing

5 Resolutions To Boost The Impact Of Your Digital Data Marketing Strategy

With the pandemic still affecting many aspects of our lives, businesses should be proactive in planning for future success. Having a marketing strategy is essential to ensuring the continued growth of your company’s profitability. How can you ensure that your marketing plan will have the greatest impact possible?


Businesses are becoming increasingly reliant on digital marketing data. According to Forbes, 86 percent of marketers believe that data-driven marketing is vital to their success. It has been reported that “86 percent of marketing professionals say their job would be significantly harder, or impossible, without marketing data.” However, the same marketing professionals have also admitted that they are unable to uncover data-driven marketing insights.


If this statistic isn’t concerning enough for marketers around the globe, marketing intelligence company Econsultancy recently found that only 37 percent of marketers and marketing and business development professionals believe that they have the right technology to help them with marketing data analysis.


Marketers can no longer afford to be static in their marketing strategies. It is imperative that they explore new channels, like an automated communication process, to uncover marketing insights.

Here Are Marketing Resolutions You Can Adopt To Boost Your Impact

Evaluate Your Marketing Strategy Often

As marketers, it is our duty to stay on top of consumer trends and how they evolve. factors like social media can have an impact in driving these changes forward! You can’t run a campaign without making sure that the ads are targeted and relevant. This involves, among other things, updating targeting preferences, adjusting creative for maximum effect, or revisions on ad placement. By evaluating your strategy frequently, you are able to stay on top of changes in the market and the needs of your customers.

One of marketing’s most important roles within a company is to get and keep customers. Fortunately, digital data marketing has advanced far beyond traditional marketing strategies. It can provide companies with the insights that they need to determine where to market, what messaging should be used, and whom the ad should target.

Marketing is a never-ending process of adapting and evolving to stay relevant in an ever-changing market. It’s important to keep up with all of the latest industry trends so you can be sure your company is staying ahead.

Increase Customer Lifetime Value

It is relatively easy to retain existing customers, but finding new ones can be challenging. The best way to grow your business is by cultivating relationships with current customers. This will not only help you make more sales, but it can also put pressure on other prospective buyers so that they want what you have! A few things you need to consider to increase customer value include:

• Identify high-value customers

• Engage your clients on all platforms

• Build a lookalike audience

Once you’ve got your customer’s trust by addressing their needs appropriately and in a timely fashion, it’ll be easy to keep them around for the long term.

Use Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics is quite efficient in measuring and boosting return on investment (ROI). Data-driven marketing is the future of business, and it’s only a matter of time before you start seeing this type of technology in your everyday work if you haven’t already. The advantage? Data analytics can identify leads from customers who are most likely to purchase products or seek out services!

You can use predictive analytics to plan and develop marketing strategies that are sure to produce results. With the rise in technology, businesses are able to collect more data on their customers. This allows them an accurate understanding of what those clients want and need – which can be translated into marketing strategies that provide services for specific problems or needs as opposed to just offering one-size-fits-all solutions. The power predictive analytics holds will help you reach out with tailored messages based on knowledge about who’s looking at your products/services!

Leverage Automation Technology

The use of automation in marketing is incredibly useful for its ability to complete repetitive tasks, allowing you to focus on more complex activities. With the automation industry expected to grow to 6.4 billion by 2024, more businesses are integrating it into their marketing efforts for increased growth.

With automation, you can easily manage email lists, house images and documents, automate customer service operations, and perform other numerous tasks. Take time to identify services that can be performed without human intervention and automate them. Your marketing team will be able to focus on more important marketing efforts that still require human input while automation tools perform the mundane tasks at hand.

Create Content That Resonates With Your Audience

Your customers are bombarded with ads and emails every day. Make sure you offer personalized content for your audience so that they can connect more closely to the brand, which will help in establishing a stronger connection. Content is the backbone of any marketing campaign and should be created with your target audience in mind.

User-centric, valuable, and relevant content is a must for any business that wants its emails to not only reach the right people but also get opened. Adopting these marketing resolutions will make sure your messages don’t end up in the spam pile!