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What is B2C marketing automation?

Marketing automation is the process of software automatically sending campaigns to your customers and prospects based on triggers you define. As opposed to one-off email campaigns that are often sent out by hand, these "automated" emails can be set up once with parameters tailored for each individual recipient which will then send itself anytime they meet certain criteria - saving time in both preparation AND execution!

Marketing automation can help you reach your prospects at scale (and in an automated fashion) with personalized content to create meaningful connections. Not only will this save time, but it allows you to track engagement which can be measured for more effective campaigns that generate ROI. In fact, according to a survey by CRM Essentials, companies that employ marketing automation note an increase in qualified leads of 49% and 52%.

What is marketing automation primarily used for?

Marketing automation is a powerful and effective way to engage with your customers. It's particularly useful for marketers who are looking to streamline email campaigns, while also saving time!

The basic idea behind marketing automation is to leverage data so it can be used to enhance business processes and marketing channel activities to improve reporting accuracy and increase productivity, while also ensuring that each channel drives revenue. Marketing automation delivers real-time intelligence on prospects' interests and behaviors, allowing marketers to define marketing content that matches each unique customer profile. With this knowledge, it's possible for marketers to tailor marketing messaging so that they're speaking the language of their target audience, creating more relevant interactions at just the right time.

What are marketing automation platforms?

Marketing automation platforms provide a way for marketers to automate their marketing efforts across multiple channels. These software providers offer different technologies, including email and social media solutions that help them spread the word about your business with less work on your part!

Let's say you're great at customer service and want to contribute to the success of your company by providing exceptional support. Using marketing automation platforms will allow you to send automated emails so that even when you don't have time for any one-on-one conversations with customers, they'll still get personalized messages from your business, making it easier for them to engage and feel heard. These platforms can help you or your marketing team be more productive and efficient so there is more time to focus on strategic and creative projects and maximize revenue.

What are the benefits of marketing automation?

Marketing automation is a great way for businesses of all sizes to save time and money. There are too many benefits to list, but some of the most notable include:

Reduces repetitive tasks: Freeing up the marketing team’s time.

Personalization: Making the customers feel as if they’re more than another face in the crowd with unique messaging.

List segmentation: Allows you to deliver relevant content to the right readers.

Even better, automation has reportedly resulted in 80% ROI, +46% growth, +26% more leads, and more productive marketers.

9 examples of B2C marketing automation

1. Welcome email series

Welcome emails are your first chance to make a great impression on subscribers. Marketing automation is an excellent way to create a great experience for your subscribers. One-time welcome emails or a series of targeted messages can help onboard new customers, guiding them through their first interaction with you and giving thanks along the way!

2. Reminder emails

Being able to schedule reminder emails to send out on dates you provide is a great way to not only deliver your message right when it's most relevant but also keep customers coming back for more.

3. Birthday or anniversary

Sending your customers a special offer on their birthday or anniversary is an effective strategy to drive revenue while increasing customer happiness at the same time.

4. VIP

When you use the power of automation, it's easy to set up a series of emails that will make your VIP customers feel special and keep them engaged and spending.

5. Re-engagement

You can encourage email subscribers who haven’t purchased in a while with an exclusive offer, "Save on your next order" discount or Cart Abandoned Deal like Nau does in the example below:

6. Survey & feedback emails

Using surveys to gain feedback on products, services and updates is an excellent way for marketers to use automation in their marketing campaigns. These are typically sent out after triggers such as purchases or changes such as program, site, or product updates.

7. Review & testimonial emails

Have a new customer? Alternatively, do you have a repeat customer? You can use this opportunity to have an automation set up to send an email asking them to kindly leave you a great review for your business.

8. Product updates & launches

When a brand launches or updates a product, it is an excellent time for them to reach out and connect with customers. Marketing automation makes this simpler than ever!

9. Newsletters

Newsletters used to be considered one of those “one-off” emails that would be sent out when something needed to be announced. Nowadays, email newsletters are set up to automatically go out to subscribers on a given basis, such as:





Wrap up

Time to put this inspiration into action, to drive revenue and results for your B2C business. Starfish Ad Age’s marketing automation features make creating compelling customer journeys a snap.

Take the stress out of your marketing efforts and let Starfish Ad Age help automate your campaigns today.


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